Zollikon Labs makes mobile productivity
tools and offers analytical marketing services.

Our first product has been launched in the autumn of 2014.
We also offer consulting services in the areas of digital and analytical marketing.
Zollikon Labs is based in Zollikon, Switzerland

Our Product

Nanny Day - Stay in touch with your nanny throughout the day!

Nanny Day was created to give parents peace of mind and to help parents build a trusting relationship with their nanny.


Analytical marketing services

With new consumer platforms, fragmented media landscape and overwhelming amounts of data, marketing is changing.
As a result, the required tools, capabilities and objectives are changing too. We work with our clients to:
Grow faster

Combining customer insight and marketing technology to make faster and better marketing decisions

Save marketing budget

Running marketing tests and analysis to improve your marketing ROI

Develop your people

Hiring and training marketers for new responsibilities in analytical marketing



Fredrik Samanta has over ten years of marketing and management experience. He previously co-founded JayCut (cloud-based video editing), which was sold to Blackberry. He has also been a product manager at Sony, built analytical marketing capabilities in online gaming and advised multiple startups on growth strategies. Fredrik holds an MBA from London Business School and an MSc from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.


Karl co-founded JayCut and worked there for several years as a backend developer to make scalable and timely web browser-based video editing possible. He then decided to pursue a PhD in Computer Science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, performing research in the intersection of distributed systems and programming languages with applications in cloud computing. He holds an MSc in Computer Science and Engineering from KTH.


Well over ten years of software development experience. In 2005 Pierre founded Houdah Software. Since then Pierre has been an developing and marketing a collection of Mac OS X and iOS applications. Previously Pierre worked as a research engineer and software engineer at Xerox Research Centre Europe and the Luxembourg Central Bank. Pierre holds a CS Engineering degree from ENSIMAG in Grenoble, France.


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